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  1. Versatile wearing styles. Comfortable to use with or without the ear hook.
  2. Press the Push4TM multifunction button on your headset to access the following services:
    • Press and hold the Push4TM button for approximately 1 second to connect to AT&T’s popular *8 VoiceInfo service which give you access to rich audio content like sports, stock quotes, horoscopes, weather and much more or reprogram this button to just store your favorite number.
    • Answer, End or Mute/Unmute your call.
    • Redial the last number you called and much more.
    • Use Voice Dialing to dial your favorite numbers (if your phone supports this functionality).
  3. Volume buttons on both sides of the headset allow for convenient volume control.
    • Audio Battery life indicator so you know when your headset needs to be charged.
    • Clip the headset to your clothes for easy carrying.
    • Select a ring tone you like from the 10 tones included.
    • Comes with interchangeable covers so you can customize the headset to suit your own style.


  • Push4TM Favourite number button
  • 7 hours of talk-time
  • Several attachment options
  • Voice dialing
  • ColoriumTM covers
  • Bluetooth V1.2
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth® mobile phones
  • Flexible and adjustable hook
  • Lightweight: 11 grams
  • Call features: microphone muting, disconnect from phone, automatic call pick-up, last number redialing, transferring call to phone
  • 12 ring tones
  • Battery level indicator
  • Stand-by time: up to 300 hours
  • Volume controls
  • LED Indicator
  • Full charging time: 4 hours
  • Multifunction button which also features access to AT&T *8 VoiceInfo† services or to a favorite number of your choice.

* Depending on phone model

** AT&T *8 VoiceInfo services does not have a monthly service fee, but usage incurs standard airtime charges per your calling plan. See full VoiceInfo Terms and Conditions online at www.wireless.att.com/learn/basics/choosing-features-services/voiceinfo.jsp.