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The SF705 Bluetooth hands-free car kit by SouthWing is a premium and elegant hands-free device for the power user who wants to get more done during the daily commute.

Streamlined and attractive, the SF705 is an eye-catching addition to any car. It is effortlessly installed on the sun visor with its built-in clip.

Premium Hands-Free

The SF705 is not your average Bluetooth car kit, it features a premium voice interface with text-to-speech technology (TTS) in 9 languages. Call screening has gone hands-free with the SF705 due to its audible caller ID announcing who is trying to reach you.

Clear Conversations

Bluetooth 2.0 also makes for clearer conversations with less radio interference and call-dropping. The full Duplex communication enables natural conversations without being cut-off when the other person speaks. SouthWing’s SF705 also utilizes Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation reducing background noise and distortion along with the built-in 2-Watt speaker and FM transmission option you will not only hear, but be heard in every conversation.

With 12 hours talk time and noise cancellation the power user will make the most of the morning drive.

Box contents:

  • SF705 Bluetooth Car Kit
  • 12/24V car charger
  • User guide