Noise Cancellation.

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The SouthWing SH650 Bluetooth headset incorporates the latest noise-cancellation technology and a lightweight design for clear conversations and exceptional comfort.

The SH650 Bluetooth headset incorporates dual-microphone technology to allow your voice to be heard clearly in high noise environments such as at the airport, in a busy restaurant, or passing by a construction site.


Weighing in at only 9 grams with 3 ear buds and an optional ear hook the SH650 Bluetooth headset is comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time.

Mobile and VoIP

Pair your SH650 Bluetooth headset with up to 3 devices using it with your mobile phone, Windows Live, and Skype account for maximum comfort and the convenience of hands-free up to 33 feet or 10 meters away from your computer or mobile device.

Better Sound Quality

Experience the superior audio quality of the latest Bluetooth 2.0. With up to 10 times faster transmission speed you will experience less interference and clearer connections whether you are using the SH650 Bluetooth headset, or talking to someone who is.

Don’t lose a word to background noise again with the SH650 Bluetooth headset from SouthWing.

Box contents:

  • SH650 Bluetooth headset
  • Ear hook
  • 1 additional ear bud
  • Power supply
  • User guide

* Limited Geographical Availability.