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The LiveEye offers convenient and private peace of mind for users to stay vigilant with motion/noise alerts and connected with a live video feed of their property or loved ones, wherever they are on their mobile phone or laptop/PC.


  • Travelling Professionals
    Professionals who travel frequently have the power to see the state of their home, vacation home, or yacht from anywhere in the world on their mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection. They can also utilize the wifi hotspot capability of the LiveEye to enjoy internet access on their boat or during a power outage.

  • Construction/Remodeling Contractors
    Contractors can safeguard valuable tools and make sure employees are on-site, even in places lacking an existing internet connection due to the internal wireless broadband modem of the LiveEye.

  • Working Mothers
    Working mothers can check-in on their child when they are in the office or away from home through their mobile phones. Motion detection alerts can let them know when their child returns from school as well. With the private IP address used in point-to-point transmission cautious parents do not have to worry about strangers intercepting the feed, either. With up to 5 Axis 207W cameras linked to a single LiveEye, it is easy to see what is going on in each room as well.