SouthWing and Voice on the Go Announce Distribution Partnership

Safe, Hands-Free, Eyes-Free Email by Voice LAS VEGAS, Nevada –March 26, 2008- SouthWing, a leading provider of wireless solutions for mobile phones, and Voice on the Go Inc., a worldwide leader in mobile voice solutions, announced today that they will now offer headsets bundled with Voice on the Go®. This partnership provides SouthWing customers with hands-free voice access to email and more. SouthWing’s exclusive patent pending technology allows users to listen to and respond to emails by voice with one-touch of the headset. These headsets bundled with Voice on the Go will be available through SouthWing’s U.S. mobile operators and distributors. Users can access their email and other content by voice from any mobile phone, BlackBerry® smartphone, Apple® iPhone™, Palm® Treo™, Symbian, and Windows Mobile® devices. Voice on the Go can be activated quickly with no voice training or software to download. With a SouthWing Bluetooth headset, Voice on the Go provides hands-free and eyes-free voice access to email and other content for safe use while driving, or at any other time. “Our new partnership with SouthWing will help accelerate the already explosive growth of Voice on the Go in the mobile consumer market,” said Simon Arnison, CEO of Voice on the Go. “SouthWing’s strong retail distribution channel, brand recognition and innovative technology combined with Voice on the Go’s fast growing, world-leading voice application is the first of its kind bundled product offering.” “With email being an essential part of everyday life, it’s exciting to be able to offer Voice on the Go combined with SouthWing’s state of the art headsets to the mobile marketplace,” said Bart Huisken, founder and Chairman of SouthWing. About SouthWing SouthWing is a highly flexible, forward-thinking company, whose core business is the development of intelligent Bluetooth® headsets, devices and service platforms that improve mobile operators Average Revenue per User. SouthWing’s success is driven by innovation with a focus on embedded software, the user experience, design, leadership and an obsession with quality. About Voice on the Go Voice on the Go, one of the fastest growing mobile voice applications worldwide, provides consumers with access to email, contacts, calendar and other content BY VOICE at any time, on any mobile phone, BlackBerry® smartphone, Apple® iPhone™ or Windows Mobile® phone.

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