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SouthWing is a leading Bluetooth technology provider counting with distinguished experience in solutions for OEMs. Our company has a complete product range as well as innovations and solutions for audio devices that represent an ideal complement to OEM portfolios.

SouthWing's proposal offers a complete solution to clients' needs, backed up by a complete team of professionals who are experts in this area. SouthWing fuses all capacities needed to provide high quality solutions in short cycles of design: software, hardware, industrial design and production systems.

Our proposal includes compatibility with the required mobile phones and unique, distinctive designs that adjust to the image of our client's phones and brand. The company's flexibility allows personalization of products in small series, allowing concepts and products to be tested in specific markets. Our solutions go from personalising one of our headsets or car kits to creating a new wireless accessory following our client's guidelines. SouthWing offers as well its patents and innovations, enabling leaders in mobile telephony to differentiate their products and offer unique solutions.

SouthWing's products have been ranked continuously as best Bluetooth headsets in demanding markets such as UK. SouthWing's strict quality system in both product conception and manufacturing have resulted in achieving one of lowest return rates in the market.

For more information on OEM solutions contact us at: info@south-wing.com