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SouthWing S.L. is an innovation-focused company, which designs wireless Bluetooth solutions for mobile products such as phones, pocket PCs, or computers. The company's core business is centred on the development of wireless headsets for mobile phones for which SouthWing is one of the world leaders. The company's success is driven by innovation with a focus on the user experience, design excellence and exceptional quality. SouthWing's products have been ranked continuously as best Bluetooth headsets in demanding markets such as UK.

SouthWing was founded in December 2000 by Bart Huisken, with wide experience in the sector acquired in Ericsson with an MBA in Insead. Headquarters are in Barcelona and the company has 30 employees. Southwing designs and commercialises its products worldwide. Its client portfolio is formed by leading mobile operators in Europe, US and Latin America, such as T-Mobile, Orange, Cingular and Telefonica. SouthWing's unique offer to Operators includes development of applications that increase their value, customization of design, software and hardware, and product exclusivity.

SouthWing management team comprises former executives from a range of blue-chip technology companies including Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Philips and Vodafone, who bring valuable experience and expertise in the development of the company and its products.


The SouthWing vision is to become the world leader in the design and licensing of solutions for mobile headsets based on:

Intelligent wireless devices: new category of wireless products interactive via voice interfaces with end users and operator services.

Service creation platform: patented and state of the art enablers that allow the development of services.

Excellence in design: devices and service platforms designed to be used in an easy, comfortable and efficient way for the needs in the daily life.


SouthWing bases its success on four values that best define the spirit of the company. By continuously fostering these values, SouthWing employees have made the company a more pleasant place to work every day and a trustable partner in the industry.

Respect: SouthWing respects the needs of its customers, suppliers, and employees. SouthWing is an equal opportunity employer.

Excellence: Whether in the development and design of its products or its relationship with customers, SouthWing constantly strive for excellence in the results the company aims to obtain. SouthWing's ambitions go far beyond what others can do.

Team spirit: For SouthWing, fostering team spirit is essential for achieving efficiently and rapidly the goals of the company as well satisfying the professional well being of its employees. Team spirit stimulates creativity and innovation.

Open mind: SouthWing accept differences, different cultures, values and ideas; it thrives in diversity and innovation.