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Board Team
  • Bart Huisken
    Founder and Chief Innovative Officer

    SouthWing was founded by Bart Huisken in December 2000 at the INSEAD Business School in Fontainbleau, France. Prior to his MBA Bart worked for seven years at Ericsson in the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden in the areas of product management of wireless technologies and innovation, marketing, sales, and product design. Apart from the MBA from INSEAD he holds a MSc from TU Delft (Netherlands). Mr Huisken's experience has given him a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the mobile communications market and an appreciation for the importance of strategic partnerships, bringing expertise in the development of the company and its products.

    Mr Huisken's current role in SouthWing is as Chief Innovation Officer and Member of the Board. His main ambition is to make SouthWing a leader in Wireless Headsets and a significant player in the design of wireless solutions.

  • Vincent Peña

    SouthWing appointed Vincent Peña as its CEO early 2008. At a key point in the company's development, his thorough understanding of the technology market, as well as his EMEA and APAC expertise in Telecom, IT and Mobile sectors are considered key to drive the future of the company. Mr. Peña's central role is to drive the company's profit expansion, growth opportunities and operational excellence.

    Previously Mr. Peña was Regional Managing Director for South EMEA, Eastern Europe, MEA & India at GN Great Nordic/Jabra. During his experience at GN, Peña established successful distribution networks with leading retailers in his regions. In appointing Mr. Peña, the Supervisory board believes that his management style and dynamics will be a great asset to SouthWing.

    Vincent Peña is a MBA graduate of the Swiss Hoch Shulle St. Gallen and has and AMP from IESE Business school of Navarra.

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Board Member

    Daniel has 10 years experience as M&A consultant with Alpha Corporate (today belonging to Deloitte & Touche) where he advised top level management and shareholders, of companies in various sectors in mergers and acquisitions and business strategy.

    After that and until November '03, he was Managing Director of Taurus, a consumer electronics firm with over $125m turnover in 2003 and annual growth over 35% in the last 5 years

    Daniel holds a BA in economy from ESADE and an MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago GSB

  • Elena Carrera
    Board Member

    Elena Carrera holds a degree in Business Administration and Management as well as an MBA in ESADE from Columbia University, New York, with scholarship from Caixa. Ms. Carrera joined Riva and Garcia in July 2002, as Background Director of Invercat Exterior. She has over 10 years of experience in venture capital analysis, obtained through working at McKinsey & Company, where she was involved with many public works projects, the telecommunications industry, and the shipping industries of Spain, Italy, and France. Next Ms. Carrera joined the NetJuice Investment and Financial Group, having a special focus in companies of the IT sector like 3i, FCC, GE Equity and Fibanc.

    From her years as an analyst at Riva and Garcia she completed many diverse projects involving international expansion in various industrial sectors. Elena is currently an advisor to the following companies: Indelor Lens Thailand, Rimax Innovation Development, Southwing, Mat Group y Equity Point.

SouthWing Management Team
  • Bart Huisken
    Founder and Chief Innovative Officer

  • Vincent Peña

  • Maria Jose Voltes

    Ms. Voltes joined the company in 2007 and brings over 23 years of industry experience in technological companies working as CFO and MD. Ms. Voltes is responsible for the hands-on management and leadership of the Financial department of the company. In her capacity as CFO, she is responsible for managing the financial operations of the organization.

    Ms. Voltes brings a depth of knowledge in identifying new business global opportunities assuming very different roles including preparation of business plans, leading commercial activities and direct sales in technological companies. Before joining Southwing she spent 10 years in the telecom service business including long distance fix carrier services, Internet services, VoiP services and MVNO companies. She has a degree in Business administration and a degree from the IESE Business School.

  • Sergi Torrents

    Mr Torrents has significant experience in the sector after working for more than 15 years with various areas such as space borne equipment (RF Front ends) and the sector of consumer electronics for Bluetooth technology products. Mr Torrents has been with the company since 2002 and has been a key player in developing several areas of the company within a fast moving business environment.

    Previously to joining the company he worked at Mier Communications as Technical manager, being responsible for managing complex projects with limited resources. Mr Torrents also has experience working as Project Manager and Design Engineer. He became the CTO of Southwing in 2003 and is the author of 2 books and co-holds various international patents.

    Sergi Torrents holds a MSc from the UPC in Barcelona and a MBA from IESE.